My Niece’s Summer Visit…

Arkansas might not be the first place a person thinks about for ‘vacation‘.  But, for many years (when Matthew’s parents lived here), spending a week in NW Arkansas were some of the BEST memories from my entire YEAR!

Although it’s certainly a slower-pace than most other places, there’s actually SO many great events and activities centered towards families and children.  But my FAVORITE thing about where we live, “The Natural State,”  is the NATURAL BEAUTY!  Not only are there creeks, rivers, caves and waterfalls tucked-away all around us, we’re usually the only ones there to enjoy it!

When my niece and her {wonderful} boyfriend said they were coming to visit, I was SOOOO excited to show them some of our favorite spots!

We hiked to the base of this waterfall and just enjoyed the swimming hole…

We were so excited about going to Rick’s Bakery for breakfast, but when we saw they were closed, luckily, we had a another GREAT option right down the road… The Fayettville’s Farmer’s Market!
Someone wants to tour Crystal Bridges?!?!  Um, YES!  Count me IN!

And, of course, we took LOTS of pictures!  DSC_8359bmadisonraynao

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