My Lil’ Flower-Picker…

I love observing kids.

Each week as Ruthie and I squat down on the floor outside the school cafeteria and wait for Ross or Rayna’s class to make their way towards the lunch room, I LOVE watching all the other kids walk by us.  It’s so interesting, even at such young ages, to notice all the different personalities of the children who pass by.

Ruthie waves and smiles at all of them and each child’s response is so different.  Some (probably the ones with younger siblings at home) will simply look away.  Others (trying to still follow the rules) will give a polite smile back.  But if you want to see Ruthie REALLY light-up, there’s always a few kids (possibly the extroverts, rule-breakers or leaders) who will skip out of line to come over and give Ruthie a high-five or say hello!


But my FAVORITE KID to observe is Rayna


While most kids play at the water park, Rayna stops to observe the structure and wants to know how it was built.

As most little girls sing the princess songs and plays dress-up, Rayna’s much happier observing a butterfly or climbing a tree.

If she notices that we’re driving down an old dirt road, you’d BETTER believe she’ll let her car window down where she can look out the window and let the breeze blow through her hair.

Speaking of HAIR… She says she’s never cutting it!


Within the first few days of moving, Rayna has been observing all the different colors and types of wild flowers in fields across NW Arkansas.  So I thought it would be fun to grab the blue tin watering can my dad just mailed her and take her on a flower-picking adventure!

flowerThese were all collected on the side of old, dirt roads close to our house!  Aren’t they pretty?  I thought she did a GREAT job!flowers

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