Happy 2nd Birthday, Ruthie!

How do you celebrate a 2-year old’s birthday?!?!?

Well, if it’s Ruthie’s special day, you START with her daddy’s thin, buttery and amazing pancakes…Ruthie2DSC_3311b
Yellow nail polish before 8am?  Yes, please…

Trip to the creek…creekglassesburn
Crazy-moves off the diving board…
Dinner at Flying Fish in Downtown Bentonville!  Ahhh… that thin, crispy, fried catfish with their amazing tarter sauce…  Yum!

Did someone say “Downtown Bentonville”?
Yes, it’s a Martin-family-RULE.  It’s probably unhealthy and irresponsible parenting (as much as we’re there), but, you MUST stop at the ice-cream store when downtown.
No questions asked.  No calories counted.  DSC_3687nDSC_3878nruthie

Happy Birthday, Ruthie!
You add so much laughter, kisses, craziness and love to our house!  We love you SO much!

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