Miracle Man

Max was born on September 1, 2009 without any complications or problems.  At less than 2-weeks old, his change in eating and breathing habits caused his mother to call his doctor, then 911.  As he was rushed to the hospital with the paramedics, he started turning blue and was carried by a helicopter to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.  A virus had attacked his heart and his parents were told it would not get better.  Although Max was on the list to receive a donor heart, the doctors felt like if something wasn’t done quickly, he wouldn’t survive.  The Berlin Heart (a mechanical pump or ‘substitute heart’ that works outside the body, drawing the blood out to circulate, then pumping it back in) had not yet be approved by the FDA; however, doctors received special permission to use it to save Max’s life.  Max’s heart transplant came 6 weeks later and he was finally able to come home!

During our session, you would have never know everything Mighty Max has been through.  He’s one of the happiest babies I’ve ever been around.  Maybe he knows what a perfect miracle he is.

Let’s not forget about his sweet and pretty sister, Emma…

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