Jason, Hannah & Parker

When it comes to photographing my family (more specifically, my sister), shoots are a little different than with most clients.
Last time I took pictures for Hannah, I had to bring my kids.  Towards the end, Ross started bossing us all around and Rayna came pretty close to a pretty intense melt-down.  This time, we brought along a different assistant- my dad! Although Parker was already in a good mood, having his PaPa there to make funny noises and carry his toys was a huge help.

Another big difference is the communication-difference I experience after taking pictures for Hannah.  Even though I know most clients are eager to see a few Sneak Peeks (…like… minutes after their session), they patiently wait until I let them know their images have been posted.  With Hannah… not so much.  I had barely gotten home and gotten my kids in bed when I started getting text messages and emails about when I could post some pictures.

Well, it worked!  Here are a few our session last night…
I am SO glad we finally updated their family pictures!  It was so much fun, I could sent Parker and my dad to the car, had Hannah and Jason change in the middle of a field and just photographed them alone for another 30 minutes.  Oh wait… that actually happened  (More pictures to come later…)

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