Matthew, Catalina, Jack and Kate

I’ve always been so honored when families ask me to photograph them again and again.
And now that I’ve moved and my schedule only allows me to return to Georgia for sessions a few times each year, it’s an even BIGGER honor that so many wonderful families actually wait for me to come back!

I met Matthew and Catalina in the fall of 2013.  I would tell you how cute their lil’ Jack was as a little baby.  But, here’s their photos.  You can see for yourself!
Then, they ask me to photograph their family again the following fall.  (If you’re wondering if Jack continues to get cuter, the answer is YES!  Go ahead… click HERE! )

And, here we are!  My third year to get lucky enough to document this wonderful family’s memories… and their NEW baby girl, Kate!


Wanna’ know a secret about Catalina?!?!

She’s gorgeous.  (That’s obviously NOT the secret since that’s very evident.)  But, beyond being naturally beautiful, her inward beauty is even better than her outward beauty.  Not only is she smart and devoted to her husband and kids, she’s got such a sweet, kind and gentle spirit.  It doesn’t get any better than that, does it?!?


I love taking LOTS (and lots and lots and lots) of photos of a mom and her child together.  In most cases, moms are usually the ones taking the photos (and not IN them).  So, I love surprising moms with several photos of her and her child that she will love for generations… DSC_3687bDSC_3794b

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