A Day at the Pumpkin Patch

What makes my heart happy?

It’s a close tie between tiramisu and quality time with my family.  But, I’d pass-up tiramisu ANY day if I knew we were doing an ACTIVITYOUTSIDE… in the FALL… with great friends!  Yes, that’s just about as HAPPY as you’ll EVER find me!

We drove miles and miles through gorgeous horse pasture to get to the corn maze in Missouri.  After Ruthie cried some tears and got over the fact they wouldn’t let her zip-line (“My IS big enough!”), she found her happy-spot with all the activities and pretty pumpkins!


HOW and WHEN did these 3 grow-up?!?!?kiddies
Pulling the girls with 1 working arm… HIS idea Thanks, Ross!   bpp

Soooo… as I stood by the old barn door and watched the wind blow this beautiful flag, a little girl climbed up the hay stack.  I already had my camera around my neck.  So, when I saw she was getting ready to JUMP, out of reaction (how could I NOT photograph this?!?!), I took a picture.

I tried to find her parents the rest of the day, but never saw her again.  Like so many times before when I’ve photographed random children, I wish I could send them a copy of this!  (I may post on the corn maze’s site.  This worked on a similar photo I took of a little girl and her dad a few years ago at our local fair!)

It‘s just so symbolic to me of the country life- so free! 

The (always adorable) Cristofaros… cpumpkinDSC_5412n
“Mama?  My sooooo strong!”
-Ruthie (after she took all the pumpkins out to pull an empty wagon) DSC_5637bDSC_5525nDSC_5659n
Does it EVER get old seeing a dad love his daughters well?!?!?  No! I don’t think so either!

Thank you for stopping by!
Hope you all wrapping up this year by making fun memories outside as a family!

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