Look who I found!

Even though Madison lives in Mississippi and we only get to see one another a few times each year, I’m SURE you recognize her from my blog.  She’s my wonderful niece who was an adorable, 4-year old girl when we met for the first time.  Now, all these years later, she’s more like a friend!  We love being together and talking about movies, food, clothes, shops and why I should get a Twitter account.  So, here are a few from our Christmas together in NW Arkansas…

Madison’s family was packing-up to leave when we decided to do photos, so we didn’t have a lot of time to scout a super-cool location.  When I passed this a local chicken plant (down the road from Matthew’s parent’s house), I told her to jump out!  We pulled over, left Ross and Rayna in the backseat and I took this quick shot right before security came over and told us we had to leave.  Oh well!  I still love the colors and textures.  Glad I shoot fast!

Leave Madison some blog-love if you have time!  I know she’ll be glad to see who has stopped by!

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