Chattanooga: Creative Discovery Museum

I’m a BIG fan of Chattanooga, TN.
The food is good.
The people are friendly.
The streets feel safe.
And, it’s only 3 hours away from Atlanta!

Each time we drive into the city, the kids spot the beautiful, kid-friendly building on the corner and start telling how much they want to visit the Creative Discovery Museum.  Although we stay in the hotel right beside it several times a year, we’ve always had other tickets that kept us from trying it out.  But when the kids found out we were headed to Chattanooga, they started their requests early.  “We want to go to that kid’s museum!”

The kids and I absolutely LOVED Creative Discovery Museum!  We got there a little early and the staff felt sorry for my poor children who waited outside in the cold without jackets onwas nice enough to let us hang-out in the lobby before the museum officially opened’(I told you the people were nice!)  

The kids were happy just being in the lobby looking at all the gingerbread houses…
The emphasis at this museum was not only ‘hands-on,’ they also placed an importance on teaching kids how everyday items work.  Ross may not have understood the full extent of air-pressure, but he certainly enjoyed seeing his face change as he directed all the strong air into his mouth…

The ART-wing was obviously mine and Ross’ favorite (…although the music section was REALLY cool too)!  There were SO many activities for the kids to enjoy.  In addition to leaving our mark all over the drawable-walls, we also left with plenty of homemade pop-up cards the kids created.
Lastly, gotta’ rave about the water area…  Ross could have spent hours using the dams and tools to redirect the flowing water-systems. 

Before we left, Ross managed to get bubbles all in his hair.  (As only Ross would do.)  I could have very-easily Photoshopped the bubbles out, but this picture is very symbolic of Ross’ playful and funny nature.  I tell him all of the time, “Ross… I wish I could be more like you.”
Ross, Rayna and I recommend Creative Discovery Museum to anyone visiting Chattanooga!   The kids are ALREADY ready to go back!


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