Joanne & Jonathon

I met Joanne and a few of her bridesmaids at City Salon for hair and make-up.  One of my favorite things about photographing a wedding is getting to spend the majority of the day with the girls.  Everyone looked beautiful, but Joanne was clearly glowing. 

Here are the girls…bloggirls1

and the gorgeous dress…
and the shoes…

and lastly… Joanne and Jonathon!    bdsc_0546n

A few more from the day…
Weddings are not only a great time to photograph the couple, it can also be a great time to capture a special family member.  Everyone is dressed up and feeling warm-and-fuzzy.  What makes for a better photograph?  Plus, everyone (no matter how old you are) needs a good headshot!

Sorry for the slight interruption.  Back to Joanne & Jonathon… bdsc_0422bwbdsc_0335n
Wonderful couple! 
Beautiful wedding!
I loved being a part of it!

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