Doug & Jill

Meet Doug & Jill…
We met this couple when we joined our first small group at 12Stone.  
A lot can happen within a six year friendship.  Let me share a few from ours:
Adopt 2 dogs… Bury 1 dog… Peaceful dinners at nice restaurants… Crazy dinners at our house with 2 screaming kids… 
Playing cards way too late… Building fires… Going to festivals… Meeting for dessert… Staying connected despite a cross-country move… PHOTOGRAPHS

What?  No photographs?!?!  

Don’t blame me.  For YEARS I have been bugging them.  Finally, after dinner at our house a few weeks ago, we jumped in the car and quickly took some pictures before the rain started pouring down. 

Turns out, their wedding (10 years ago) was the last time they had pictures together.    They are both (obviously) very natural in front of the camera.  I think I should start photographing them every year.

Love you guys!


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