I am mad at Pinterest

Soooo…. Does anyone else have a LOVE/HATE relationship with Pinterest?  Yeah, that’s me right now.
Here’s what happened:

I saw this super-cute picture on Pinterest…

At that moment, I became completely obsessed with the idea of taking the SAME photo of the SAME subjects in the SAME spot at the SAME time each month.


My original plan was AMAZING

On the first day of each month, I’d carry Ross, Rayna and Ruthie to a gorgeous field, right as the sun was setting.  None of the kids would be fussy or moody.  All of them would be SO excited we were doing pictures.  They would all have on super-cute outfits that were trendy, yet earthy-looking.  The final image would, basically, be perfect.  Oh, there would also be a bit of sun flare behind them too.  (Duh.)


But, life happened.  Before I knew it, 2 weeks had passed by and I’d totally forgotten to set-up this “amazing” photo opp.
So, I put my pride aside.

Forget the gorgeous location…  I settled for the trampoline in our backyard.
Forget adorable outfits…  I settled for Super Mario Bros. and tie-dyed shirt.
Forget the unbelievable light…   My neighbors trees block our sun.
(I must admit, I had lost a little momentum with my original plan.  But, I DID document the first month, so I should go ahead and continue with my project, right?!?!


Soooo, a few days ago I realized Ruthie is now 2-months old and it’s time to do my SECOND photo!

I have all 3 kids outside…
I remembered my camera…
I finally pulled Ross and Rayna away from the swing and got them to sit on the trampoline…
(I listened to them fight over WHO was going to hold Ruthie.  I stopped their fighting before the tears came.)
I handed Ruthie over…
I jumped up and down to try to get ALL of them to stop talking and look at ME…

And THIS is what I got:

Discouraged?  Ummm… slightly.
Will I try this terrible and totally unrealistic idea again next month?  Ummm… probably not.

As of right now, here’s my version of the amazing Pinterest photo I longed for…

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