GLAMPING at River Forks Park

Over the years, all the benefits of camping were usually over-ruled by the sheer inconvenience of packing. Yes, we WANT to un-plug, enjoy nature and create memories together, but we rarely make it a priority because of the dreaded thought of having to pack sheets, pillows, chairs, portable chargers, water, tons of blankets and coffee (aka: firewood, a pot, instant coffee and mugs). Other drawbacks include Matthew’s two least favorite things- sleeping on the ground and having to try to pitch an acceptable tent WITH NO HELP FROM US.

But Timberline Glamping offers a FANTASTIC SOLUTION!

Upon arriving at River Forks, I quickly checked in at the front office. I really appreciated the gates and added security where I felt peace allowing the kids to run around the site and play. When I entered the GORGEOUS ‘tent,’ I SMILED knowing I was going to get a great night’s SLEEP AND a good cup of COFFEE in the morning! There was thought and planning in ALL the details; but the icing on the cake was all the scripture hidden throughout their beautiful furnishings!

Since we didn’t have much to unpack, we were able to start our adventure right away! The kids loved having the kayak, but there was also a dock and beach entry to the lake as well.

And who doesn’t LOVE a couple of hammocks?!?!

We said goodbye to all the deer around us to go explore downtown Gainesville (just a few minutes away). When we returned, this beautiful SUNSET was waiting back at the campsite for us. Then, after a late-night swim and warm bonfire, we were ready to crawl into our soft beds for the night. What a great day!

If you’re like me and LOVE the idea of nature, but don’t enjoy all the hassle that comes along with camping, I think you’ll love Timberline Glamping! I enjoyed River Forks because it was beautiful accommodations… in great location… with a clean (and very close) restroom/shower… with peaceful surroundings!

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