Maybe it’s just MY family, but we joke that we love the IDEA of camping.

In other words, we ADORE the outdoors, campfires and time together. But we always dread all the work it requires.

I get grouchy when no one volunteers to help me pack camping supplies.
Matthew gets grouchy when we arrive and everyone goes off to explore- leaving him to put up the tent alone.
The kids get grouchy when they realize they forgot to pack their pillow and extra blankets.

The good news is… there’s a SOLUTION!

TIMBERLINE GLAMPING ‘combines the need for modern comfort with a desire to be as close to nature as possible.’ My parents rented two nights in the spring at Lake Lanier, and it was SO MUCH FUN! (Click HERE to see photos!) My family was excited to go back this fall!

The weather was PERFECT!
The amenities were BEAUTIFUL!
But the best part… everything was READY, CLEAN, WARM, COZY and FUN!

This allowed us to use our precious time to enjoy EACH OTHER and NATURE!

May I also add that RUSTY has NEVER been happier?!?! These two days were, quite possibly, the BEST two days of his life! He drank fresh lake water, scared off squirrels and came face-to-face with several deer!

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