Early Morning Dates

It started when Ross was just a tiny baby.

We had taken one of our first trips as a family of 3 and, just like many mornings in our own home, Ross had woken-up WAY TOOearly.’  In hopes of letting Matthew sleep past 6:30am, I managed to quickly find my flip flops on the dark hotel floor, throw-on a sweatshirt and grab Ross- who was already wide-awake and ready to start his day!

And for the next 2 hours that early morning, Ross and I explored the hotel alone.  Even though I was certainly tired, it was actually kind-of fun!  And that’s when it began.

Since that time, we’ve been fortunate to have traveled a lot.  We’ve added 2 more kids.  But, the routine is always the same.  As soon as I hear one of the kids moving around, I jump out of bed and we quickly leave our quiet room where everyone else can sleep and isn’t grouchy ‘feels their best’ the rest of the day.

During our summer vacation to the beach this year, I actually didn’t mind at ALL when Ruthie woke-up before everyone else!  I  grabbed her bathing suit, my camera and we headed to the beach!


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