Beach 2015, Part 2!

I don’t know if there’s anything I look forward to more each year than going to the beach.  If I were simply going with my own family, it would STILL probably be one of my favorite trips.  But, we’ve been fortunate the past two years to get to meet my parents and sister’s family there as well!



I tried and tried to get Ruthie to nap, but all she wanted to do was jump and play.  I asked Rayna for help and, within 5 minutes, Ruthie was asleep in her lap… DSC_8696b

For years and years, I watched Matthew toss his niece and nephews in the air.  I always thought, “When we have kids, I will NOT let him do that to ours!”  It was a good thought, but, I should have known…DSC_8857n

That lil’ belly… DSC_8902n copyDSC_8766j


“I’ll hold you, Ruthie.”
DSC_0003nThank you for stopping by!  Here’s Beach 2015, Part 1!   Check back for a few more favorites!

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