Costa Rica

I had only told her a few details about my anniversary trip when my sister sighs and says, “I’m sooo jealous.” 

But, I understood.  I’ve also be guilty of allowing other people’s pictures and stories to steal my own joy when I start comparing my life to theirs.  So, I thought… BEFORE I start posting photos of our 14th year anniversary trip to Costa Rica, it would only be fair to share how we REALLY got there.

Although this amazing trip was almost free, it was also extremely symbolic of how much it really cost us.  Each {gorgeous and romantic} individual hotel NIGHT was actually an exchange for an entire {exhausting, emotionally-starved} MONTH of Matthew traveling and being AWAY from our family.  And, our {comfy, movie-watching} flight across the ocean was traded out for many {“I’m sorry.  My flight was cancelled.  Don’t wait up.  I’ll see you and the kids in the morning.”} phone calls that kept Matthew away from home even longer.

So, this trip not only celebrated our 14th year anniversary, it was a GREAT reward of surviving those hard years of constant travel.  We took in each moment with a deep gratitude- for our marriage and for our recent choice to leave behind everything we knew to pursue a slower life with our only real emphasis being on FAMILY.

And NOW I get to {finally} share a few of God’s AMAZING creations in the gorgeous country of COSTA RICA!


Matthew found this lil’ guy during one of our beach walks.  And you’ll never convince me he didn’t LOVE being photographed!  (I’m only posting one photo of him, but, I have twenty more of him staying close to us and being super friendly!)


You know the big, beautiful shells you see packaged-up in beach gift shops?  Well, those PERFECT shells are what you wake-up to on the empty beaches of Costa Rica!  At least twice a day, we took a walk on the beach to collect shells.  Each walk, we were amazed at the new, unique treasures waiting for us.  DSC_1225n

Although much of the beach was sandy, Matthew and I loved exploring the rocky parts even more!DSC_1278nDSC_1290n

The hotel was truly amazing.  Very modern, yet simple.  Hardly anyone there.  Biggest combination of connected pools, complete with an infinity edge over-looking an empty beach.  It’s, officially, the BIGGEST pool in Central America!  DSC_1367nDSC_1381b

Told you this place was EMPTY!  We felt like the only ones there most days… DSC_1420n

Yes, I used an automatic-timer.  (Don’t judge.)  It was the only way we were getting photos together this trip!  And what’s the point of a great trip without photos to remember it?!?!  beachcr9DSC_1197n

I saw this little girl playing on the beach one night.  I tried to talk to her, but she didn’t speak English.  Thought she was so pretty running in her dress…DSC_1212n

When you’re less than 10 minutes away from Tamarindo, an area well-known for it’s surfing, you’ve just GOTTA‘ rent a board (only $5) and catch some waves!  (Well, I didn’t personally feel compelled to surf, but it sure was relaxing sitting on an empty beach watching him!) DSC_1719n
Someone asked me if he got up.  I answered,  “It’s MATTHEW.  Of course he did.  First try!”sexy3IMG_2425b MRM
Our patio’s view of the pool and ocean was incredible.  (But, I liked my view better!)IMG_2519bOne of mine and Matthew’s favorite parts of the entire trip was being TOTALLY disconnected…
No phones.
No internet.
No email.
No texts.

We only turned Matthew’s phone on a few times to check on the kids.  But, I’m SO glad we also used his phone to take a photo of our shells (…especially since the airport found most of them and made us take them out).  shells

And, here’s PART 2 of Costa Rica: The FUN part!



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