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I love meeting passionate people.  Since moving to a new area, I’ve gotten to meet a mom who is passionate about eating clean, a couple passionate about rescuing dogs and a friend passionate about her business.

Although all of those things are great, God (lovingly and intentionally) put another person in my life who is passionate about something that REALLY caught my attention.  Unlike most everything else we all tend to focus on every day, this actually has eternal value and will certainly change our children’s self-worth:  Family Discipleship.

My friend explained Family Discipleship this way:

“I am passionate about Jesus, about really knowing Him and leading others to truly know Him.  I want people to experience what I’ve experienced.  If we can get kids to KNOW Him from an early age, we can help them run their race and not off track.”



So, she took her God-given PASSION and started BE: Kids!
Simply put, Be: Kids offers monthly #BeBox (and lots of free resources) for families to help teach God’s word in a fun, intentional and interactive way. DSC_6785b

The boxes are delivered each month… DSC_6637jDSC_6609j

They include all kinds of fun goodies!  Even lunch box notes during the school year!DSC_0395n

Rayna loved these notes SO much, on the days she packed her own lunch, she STILL always remembered to include one in her lunch box!  (She even SAVED them all in a special place!) DSC_0412n

Even Ruthie LOVED the crafts… DSC_6892f

Just a few of the ideas, games and supplies included in each box… Untitled-1


To try a BOX, visit:

These also make GREAT gifts for birthdays or special occasions! 
Thank you, Jennifer, for being part of MY own journey and reminding me how important it is to speak God’s word into my children each day!
If you’d like to DONATE to this great ministry, click HERE: 



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