Childhood Sweethearts

Kathy tells the story just like it was yesterday.  Robert had just returned home from a trip when he became very nauseous.  She knew right away something wasn’t right.  By the time the ambulance got him to the hospital, her childhood sweetheart and the man she still adored was no longer the same person lying in the hospital bed in front of her. 

Kathy and her family have been through many difficult times in the past year and a half.  However, Kathy and her children continue to lovingly take care of Robert day in and day out.  Instead of dwelling on the pain their hearts have felt, Kathy chooses to celebrate and enjoy their time with Robert.  bDSC_0146n
While I shot these pictures of Sean and Kristina…

I glanced over at Kathy and witnessed the most beautiful picture of committment, kindness and love…
As the family all held hands for the last photo, I felt such a strong feeling of warmth and affection. bDSC_0188bw

Not only was I so honored to meet and photograph your family, I felt so blessed to see a true example of unconditional love.

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