“Cheapest Photographer”

I’m convinced Matthew would do just about anything for me. But every birthday when I tell him I’d like a professional photography session of our family, he just smiles and says, “Ohhhh, YOU just need to take them!”

If I insisted, I know he’d agree. But at this point, it’s just become a funny tradition. (A tradition that, for-the-record, NEVER, EVER leads to a decent family photo.)

So on my birthday a few months ago, I managed to round-up some school clothes for the kids (because who needs a fun, new wardrobe when there’s not even going to be a PERSON behind the camera?) and told them to load-up for a quick ‘birthday‘ shoot down the road.

Once I set my tripod up, Ross remarked,
“Once again, we’ve managed to find the cheapest photographer.”

Although I don’t have any family photos to post, here’s a few that made my birthday complete!

I love comparing images over time!

When I looked through my birthday photos and saw Ross being silly as the automatic-timer kept shooting, it made me think of when he was SO young and would jump in front of the camera…

Look how much he’s grown-up!

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