A Photo Adventure

Can we all just agree this season has had some challenges?

Personally, I’ve struggled with not carving-out (much-needed) alone time, which has always resulted in me feeling over-whelmed and under-appreciated.

I’ve also been reminded that, just because I’m around my people all day, it doesn’t mean we’re actually getting good, healthy, quality time together.

With a handful of daily challenges, my family desperately NEEDED to #GetBackOut ! So while the boys were in the barbershop, the girls and I planned a Photo Adventure around downtown Loganville!

Each person gets 5 minutes with the camera
to go anywhere
and take anyone’s photo!

When we sat down to eat dinner and asked “What was your ROSE and THORN from today?”, Ruthie said, “My rose was TAKING PICTURES!”

Rayna and I agreed! That was the BEST part of our day too!

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