Candy to the Rescue!

I have a VERY SHORT list things I’m pretty GOOD at doing:

  • Loving-on DOGS
  • Dipping anything in home-made Ranch dressing
  • Quality time with my peeps

These are just a FEW, but here’s some things I’m NOT good at doing:

  • Sweeping floors
  • Cute hair & trendy outfits
  • DECORATING (x 100,000,000!)

But I DO know how to Seek the help of a PROFESSIONAL!

Welcome, Candy…

During our renovation, Matthew started asking me questions about tile, grout colors, tile and carpet. But it only took a few minutes of standing in a store, TOTALLY OVERWHELMED, before I admitted, “We need Candy.”

Not only did Candy show up at the store to pick-up colors, she ALSO came to our house AFTERWARDS to help us DECORATE!

I wanted to tell ALL of my friends about her, so she graciously agreed to let me snap some photos of her one day while our kids were in school. Here’s a few more from my camera, but make sure to follow Candy on Instagram to get great DECORATING tips, ideas and tricks!

Before & After
Before & After
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