A long, fun & dusty day!

One our third day, we wanted to explore the beautiful country of Aruba!  We choose ABC Aruba Tours to show us the highlights and lead the way.  When we arrived, we quickly found out they needed an extra driver for their third Land Rover (and 3 other couples).  If you know Matthew, you can imagine how happy he was to step-up and drive!

My Grandmother #1 Blog Reader has made several complaints that, since I’m always behind the camera, there are never photos of me.  Matthew tries and tries to operate my camera, but always hands it back and tells me it’s too hard to work.  So, for now, here’s my attempt at a self-portrait…

Honestly, the Ostrich Farm stop wasn’t that great.  However, it was worth it to get a picture of Matthew’s reaction when the guide told him he better be happy he just decided to lift the bowl up.  Otherwise, “there would be trouble.”
When you drive around Aruba, especially off the beaten path, you’ll find thousands of rock-stacks.  Our tour guide explained it was a tradition in their country to build a stack of rocks and make a wish.  Although he told us to stack 7 stones, we stacked twelve.  (Anyone know why?!?!) Here’s a few more pictures from our day around the country…
I saved my FAVORITE SPOT for last…
The Natural Pool is one of Aruba’s hidden treasures!  The journey there is VERY rough!  (You can only get there on foot, horseback or 4×4 vehicle.)  Once you arrive, the hike down isn’t easy either.  However, when you climb-up and discover the water spraying over the rocks, creating a tranquil pool behind the rough ocean, you know it was all worth it!
Our day ended with a hot shower and a DELICIOUS meal at Sole Mare.  The Italian food was some of the best I’ve ever eaten.  (Matthew said his lasagna was the best he’s ever had.) Tiramisu for dessert.  Now, THAT is the way to end a day! undefined

Check back to hear about an amazing couple’s massage on the beach… Can’t wait to share more photos!
BTW, that is NOT the big surprise I mentioned earlier!

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