A Day to Relax…

Okay, I’ll admit it.  There are some really neat things about fancy-smancy hotels.  Within a few steps from your room, you get to enjoy Tiramisu for breakfast and sushi for dinner.  All at the same table.

However, there are also a few BAD things about fancy-smancy hotels.  When you show up to the hotel spa to reserve a couple’s massage, you find out it’s going to be indoors and almost $300.

NOT happening.

Luckily for us, we google’d other spas in the area and found something even better!  Instead of a couple’s massage inside an indoor spa, a local resort used outdoor cabanas on the beach!  (Plus, they were almost half the price!)
undefined Spa del Sol was everything we had hoped for and more!  Before our massage started, they gave us a towel and a bathrobe and told us to take a warm shower.  We were lead down the tranquil path to our own, private cabana with the most BREATHTAKING view of the ocean in front of us.  The only sound was the waves of the ocean in front of us.  The air was warm, but the seaside breeze made it the perfect temperature!
undefinedAfter it was over, we sat on the deck outside the cabana and agreed…  we’d probably never experience another massage that measured-up to this one! undefined


Later that night, we took a walk on the beach as the sun began to set.  Little did I know, in less than 24-hours, I would be in for a surprise I NEVER saw coming…

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