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Mother’s Day, Mississippi & lots of pictures!

Several times each year, we plan a long weekend trip to Mississippi to see family.  This year, we were able to celebrate my niece and nephew’s birthday, as well as Mother’s Day during our visit.  My favorite part of each trip is seeing Ross & Rayna running around the house with their seven other cousins!

It’s crazy.
It’s loud.
But, more than anything, it’s a lot of FUN!

Here’s the cake that traveled 450 miles from Fayetteville, Arkansas to Jackson, Mississippi for Madison’s birthday party.  My mother-in-law discovered Rick’s Bakery and has been raving about it for months.  They designed Madison’s cake exactly how she wanted it!  I can’t wait to try the bakery in a few months when we take our yearly trip to Arkansas!

What’s a trip to Mississippi without going shopping at AzWell?  I discovered this store over a year ago and it’s, hands-down, my FAVORITE clothing store!  It seems like everytime someone compliments something I’m wearing, I end-up going on and on about ‘getting it at this incredible store in Mississippi.’  I typically don’t spend a lot of money on shoes and clothes, but each time I walk into this store, it’s ALL over!  I don’t care where you live… this place is worth the drive!

No shopping day is complete without my other two favorite places:  Anthropologie and Charming CHARLIE.  BTW, I have a lot of clients ask, “What do I wear for my session?”   These three places I just mentioned, as well as most anything from Ruche, would photograph beautifully!

Before we continued shopping, we made a stop at Berri Good! to make our own yogurt sundae. 

This is soooooo-Rayna!  Before the party even started, she found her way to the snack table!

As I was looking through my pictures coming home, I noticed a pattern in a few pictures of Rayna.  Although I never say the word ‘smile’, it looks as if she’s found herself a new one.     

On our way back home, we stopped at one of my favorite pizza places!  As I rave about how great it is, I must mention the fact that Matthew found a huge fly between his cheese and tomato sauce.  Oh well… at least we fed 10 people for free!  Can’t beat that, right?!

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May 11, 2010 - 6:29 pm

shelly - Such great photos as always and OMG we just got a Charming Charlie’s out here at the San Tan Mall!!!! I LOVE it, I’ve been telling everyone about it, i had never heard of it before. It’s such a fun store. Anyways hope you had a great Mother’s Day, the kids are getting so big and they are so adorable!!! Miss you guys!

July 27, 2016 - 1:19 pm

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