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Professional Photography… PRICELESS!

When I started my blog several years ago, the purpose was to show families some highlights from their session a few days before their entire gallery would be ready.  But before long, I started sneaking-in a few personal post of my kids on the days I wasn’t photographing clients. Even through I read lots of […]

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Yes, he breaks some rules here and there…  But, his independent spirit was simply not designed to follow a crowd.  (And that’s one of my FAVORITE things about him!) Yes, he can be stubborn…  But, I believe leading others and challenging what he feels is right will take him far in life. Yes, he can […]

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Sarah, Roberto & Melina

I’ve met a lot of babies, but I don’t think I’ve ever met a baby more fortunate and blessed than Melina. Not only will Melina grow-up speaking two languages, traveling the world and experiencing many cultures, she will grow-up being surrounded by deep love and affection from everyone lucky enough to have met her. But […]

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Poor Rayna…

Can you believe what this sweet little girl’s dad made her do during her Thanksgiving break? Yes.  It’s true… He took her to a cute, girly salon for them to trim-up the ends of her hair. This nearly-perfect, easy-going child doesn’t put up a fight or argument about anything in life.  But, getting her hair […]

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Nick and Jules

If you schedule a session with me, I promise to take longer than 6 minutes to do your photos. UNLESS, of course,  your brother wasn’t able to join us for your senior session a few weeks ago and you just want a super-quick photo together while he’s back in town for Thanksgiving.  Then, I can […]

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Have you missed seeing Parker on my blog?!?!  Yeah, me too! Well, here he is…

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