A Blessing Delivered to my Front Door

I remember that summer day really well.

My doorbell rang in the middle of a hot Saturday.  And although my mind was already on over-load with all the unpacked boxes and the numerous problems with the house we just bought, I was actually already feeling a much heavier burden than just exhaustion, a broken air unit and a backed-up septic tank.  I was starting to worry about Ross and Rayna.

Yes, they loved our house and all the fun things we were discovering in Arkansas.  But, even though they are extremely close to each other and love to play together, I could sense they both were starting to really miss not having friends their own age to play with.

So as Matthew and I hung curtains that weekend, I silently prayed for the kids.  And ironically enough, before we could get the last mossy-green curtain hung in our bedroom, we were interrupted by the sound of our doorbell ringing.

Standing on our front porch was a neighbor who came by to say hello.  Not only was she incredibly nice and genuine, GUESS WHAT?

She had a SON Ross’ age…
a DAUGHTER Rayna’s age…
and the cutest little boy you’ll ever meet who is Ruthie’s age!
(And a younger 4th!) 

Since that time several months ago, we’ve traded kids, arranged car-pools and watched the kids scheme sleep-overs.  It’s been a BIG blessing.


One Sunday as the girls and I were headed out to Sidewalk Sunday in Downtown Bentonville, we grabbed Noelle, Rayna’s new buddy, and couldn’t wait to introduce her to our favorite tree…


Thankfully, Noelle is a lot like Rayna.  Yes, she still loves dressing-up and pretending, but she’s not afraid to climb a tree either (…barefoot, none-the-less)!noelle

I wouldn’t let Ruthie climb as high as she wanted, but she was still happy to hang out with the ‘big girls‘…ruthie2

Okay, I’m going to do the world a favor and NOT to say anything else about Downtown Bentonville.  (You’re welcome.)  But, please tell me you’re starting to understand what a neat place it is….DSC_8357n

“Sidewalk Sunday” is a kid-friendly event each week held outside the soda shop.  It’s free, hands-on, informative and FUN!  We’ve done pottery, homemade ice-cream and a few others…sidewalknoelle

It’s funny… I have the SAME series of photos of Ruthie from when we first moved here. The only difference?!?
Since the summer-fountain photos, she’s decided to try to be funny.  Yeah, putting her head, apparently, wasn’t enough.  Now, she tries to DRINK the fountain water!

This silliness has been going on for a L-O-N-G time with Ruthie!  When she was only 12-months old, she was doing the same kind-of thing to make us laugh! 
Yes, I stopped her.  BUT, I DID have to get a photo first!


Final request:  Quick stop at the little playground on the way home…gymDSC_8408nrswing

Notice Ruthie in the first image…

Those tears WORKED!!!ruthiecryswingruthie

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