Arkansas Adventures

With only a few weeks left of nice weather (…and a sleeping baby and a husband that would gladly skip an art museum to stay at home with her and watch football), I told Ross and Rayna to load-up and we headed out to explore two of my favorite places!

I’ve written about Crystal Bridges before, but, it’s truly a wonderful experience.  Not only is the art museum and gift shop incredible, the outdoor trails are just beautiful…


Indoors, there are plenty of exhibits to engage the kids.  The exhibit below was designed by artist Alberto Aguilar.  (You can click here to read his daughter’s first impression of Crystal Bridges and Downtown Bentonville when her family recently visited.)DSC_4915bDSC_4928bDSC_4894nDSC_4891bDSC_4902n




I’m not really sure, but, I’m thinking if you discover a random frame in the middle of a wooded-trail, you’re suppose to go ahead and take a photo with someone standing behind it.  So, that’s what we did…DSC_4944n




A day of walking and exploring?  There’s NO better place to relax than Downtown Bentonville.  (I’ve also posted lots about this place here and here and here and here.)  If you’ve been, you most likely agree and look forward to the next time you’re there again!DSC_4884n

Although this photo of Rayna looks VERY FAKE ‘posed’ to me (which I hate), this is REALLY how Rayna was people-watching as Ross and I sat on the concrete and looked at the cute dog that passed us.  I grabbed my camera out of my bag and yelled, “RAYNA!”  She’s my FAVORITE subject to photograph because she’s always so natural in front of my camera! DSC_4863n



When we got home, Ruthie was awake and ready to play outside!  Look what landed on Ross!
I would say it’s the same butterfly we grew in our kitchen a few months ago.  But, I read they don’t live that long.  So, maybe a cousin?!?!DSC_4836 copy


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