Always Beside Me

When I was a little girl and would spend hours riding my go-cart, Amanda sat beside me.

A few years later, when my dad had an asthma attack in the car and we drove as fast as we could to the hospital, Amanda was buckled in right there beside me. 

When a public pool had to be evacuated as a result of  someone burping in my face and me throwing-up in the water, Amanda caused it was right there beside me.

When  I said ‘I Do,’ with flowers in her hand, Amanda stood right there beside me.

Years ago when I told Amanda I wanted to start my own photography business and needed ‘models’ to build my portfolio, she went over and beyond.  She got releases from the children’s parents she was babysitting, drove them all to our shoot and told everyone she talked to about my business.  Amanda was still beside me.

Seconds before and just a few moments after I delievered Ross, everyone else followed the doctors as they took Ross away, but Amanda sat down on my hospital bed and stayed right there beside me. 

When I was all packed-up to move across the country to Arizona, Amanda, and her tears, were there beside me.

Mine and Amanda’s parents had been friends before Amanda and I were born.  Because of that, there has never been a time when Amanda has not been in my life.  Not only is Amanda one of my biggest fans, she’s also very loyal.  During the time we were in Arizona, she didn’t have any photography done of her family and boys.  We were LONG overdue for a session!

I’ll start with one of my favorite images.  Aside from Presley being extremely free-spirited (which I absolutely adore), he is truly a happy, happy child.  I’ve been known to get a little deep with my interpretations, but, to me, this image represents JOY at its purest. bdsc_0240n
Cash is like his big brother- very happy and VERY cute! 
Family portraits can be some of the most challenging shots of the entire session.  If there’s more than one child, any children under the age of eight OR a furry, 4-legged friend, that just kicks everything up a notch.  Don’t worry- I AM a professional!  I can pretend to give myself a mild concussion (making the little kids smile), while barking like a dog (making the dog very confused, YET focused) AND remind the parents to KEEP looking at me and smiling.  All in the same breath.   bdsc_0043n

That’s a sweet hug!  bdsc_0015n


We let the kids play and got a few of Amanda and Paul together…bdsc_0136n

Cash was taking a break from pictures and changing outfits, but this face was just too wonderful not to photograph!bdsc_0158bw
I think it’s really important to document stages and ‘things’ that are important to children.  For Presley, it is his blanket.   I want to not only capture a child’s smile, but the very things and emotions that their parents will always long to remember.    bdsc_0100n

Thanks, Amanda!  Let’s do it again in the fall!bdsc_0232bw

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