Sleepless Weekend

Rayna ended up in bed between us early in the night.  In addition to her sleeping side-ways, every hour or so she would either lose her ‘Baby’ or try to wake Matthew up to play.

Just a few hours later, Ross woke-up crying because all the ice was melted in the water beside his bed.  When he came into our room, devastated about the loss of his ice, he spotted Rayna.  
At 3pm, I guess Ross didn’t consider our Queen-sized bed not being big enough for 2 adults, a side-ways sleeper and himself.  
Time to make room for one more person.

After the third time of me almost falling out of bed, in the wee hours of the morning, I relocated myself and Rayna to the guest room downstairs.

Sleepless nights… tossing and turning… babies crying…
It’s all worth it to wake-up to this…  bdsc_0380n

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