A Great Idea…

It’s not everyday that your husband’s laid-back, childhood friend ask you to take a few, quick photos of his family.  So, I did what any true professional would have done…

I BRIBED BEGGED ASKED Rayna to go with me.
(Ice-cream may or may not have been part of our agreement.)photo(17) copy
It was a super idea!

Before she lost my plastic snake and spider in the field, she was able to help me keep the boy’s attention by balancing the funny toys on my head…boys

But, after a few minutes of ‘helping,’ she decided she wanted to do her own thing.  Anyone ELSE notice the problem now?!?!
(Thankfully, I can Photoshop her out on the computer quicker than I can actually help her down in real-life!)

But, we STILL got lots of fun shots in just a few minutes!Untitled-2

After our friends left and we found my plastic snake and spider, I had one last idea!  (If you read my last blog post and the one before, you probably know EXACTLY what I was going to attempt.)

I wanted to remember our fun night, so I used my little stool-prop and set my camera on it.
Switched to timer… RAN… Grabbed Ray…  And, got a picture of us together!DSC_2567n1

…and forgot I had my camera set to take 10 consecutive photos, so we ALSO got THESE (which I like even MORE)!ray
I’ve had a few people tell me they ALSO want to be in MORE photos with their kids.
Anyone else want to try handing the camera or phone over?!?!  Or, learning the timer-option on your camera?!?!
Try it!  It’s FUN!  And, you may get your new-favorite-picture from the experiment!

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