“20.9 in 2009”

I love making lists and setting goals, so naturally, I tend to get a little over-ambitious this time of year. However, I decided to do something a little different…

Instead of having lots of unrealistic goals, I decided to sit down and list the FIRST 20 GOALS that came to my mind.  Some goals are bigger (and harder) than others, but over-all, most are pretty acheiveable.  In addition to only focusing on my FIRST 20 GOALS, I’ve also decided to post them on my blog.  I look forward to blogging about each one as I scratch off my list!

I encourage all of you to start your own “20.9 in 2009” list!  Take a minute to email your friends and family YOUR OWN!  If you blog, facebook or myspace, post your goals there where others can follow your progress!

Feel free to take (copy/paste) my banner and use it however you’d like.  I just ask that you include a link to my blog (  When someone posts any link to my blog, I get a special notice where I too can follow other’s progress and goals!

Let’s have fun with our “20.9 in 2009” Goals!  If you’ve decided to join in, you can leave a comment where others can follow your goals too!

Oh, where did the name “20.9 in 2009” come from?  Well, as I finished my list, one particular ‘goal’ came to mind.  However, as I thought more about it, I really questioned whether it would ever really get done or not.  Because of this, I added one more goal, although it’s not important enough to be “21”.  (This “20.9” goal can be used if you have good intentions, but doubt you’ll get to cross it off your list!)

  1. Try new parks with Ross & Rayna
  2. Volunteer at 12stone
  3. Take a photography class on Lighting
  4. Become a better cook
  5. Read Bible
  6. Make time to R-E-L-A-X
  7. Become a better Myspace’r & Facebook’r 
  8. Plan a trip back to Arizona
  9. Sell our house in Phoenix
  10. Learn Lightroom
  11. Finish & print the book I started writing for Rayna
  12. Get back involved in NILMDTS for my area
  13. Schedule new family sessions in Arkansas during my visit in May
  14. Start (pre) pre-school material with Ross at home
  15. Less frumpy
  16. Find BALANCE:  wife + mom + photographer + everything else
  17. Get some “Lifestyle” photos of Granny (my great grandmother) 
  18. Start working on new ideas… new blog… new projects… new printing techniques…
  19. Find a way to teach Ross to make a difference
  20. Spend one-on-one time with Ross & Rayna individually|

(20.9. Exercise)

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