#1… “20.9 in 2009”

Although I don’t plan on getting these done in order, I happened to do the first item on my “20.9 in 2009” list: 
“Try new parks with Ross & Rayna.”

My dad bought this canoe at a yardsale for Ross.  We decided to take it to Tribble Mill Lake. 
Honestly, the experience was a little less-relaxing than I thought it would be. 
None of us had ever been in a canoe before, so we didn’t think about how rocky it would be. 
(ESPECIALLY with a 3-year old going side-to-side to touch the water!)
About 20 minutes into the ride, Ross spoted an amazing playground. 
My dad and I quickly made our way back to land, loaded the canoe
and enjoyed the rest of our time on land. 
There are still a lot of great parks around here I want to try with Ross and Rayna. 
Hopefully, this will be just one of many!

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