Parent’s Spring Break Visit

I warned you that my parent’s visit might take a few posts, so here’s the last few days (and last post) of our sweet week together…DSC_0242nDSC_0209n

When someone loves catfish as much as my dad, it’s a given you’ve gotta‘ take him to Flying Fish in downtown BentonvilleDSC_0124n

Ruthie looks sweet here, doesn’t she?!?!  BUT, I’m about 99% sure she’s telling my mom to “stop talking where Ruthie can talk!”flyingfishDSC_0223nDSC_0246nDSC_0256 copyn

We finally got the zip line up!  The kids LOVED it!DSC_0266n

A few more memories with cousins before they head back to Georgia… DSC_9075b

Yeah, I totally let Rayna skip school the day I took my parents to Crystal Bridges and to sample all the street tacos downtown.  I couldn’t have possibly told her no to all of her favorite things… instagram

If you’re ever in downtown Bentonville, you’ve GOT to visit the ice-cream store
If you ever visit the ice-cream store, you’ve GOT to order the “Super Center!

(Don’t ask!  Just make sure you’re either REALLY hungry OR at least 10 other people are meeting you there to help you finish it!)supercenter



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