Wedding in Iowa

Matthew’s side of the family jokes about only getting together for weddings and funerals.  And since most everyone lives in different states, it’s kind-of true.  Since the last few get-togethers have been sad occasions, we were all really excited when we were all invited to a WEDDING!

Pack your bags!  We’re headed to Dubuque, Iowa! 

It was so much fun seeing our family and watching Ross and Rayna play with their cousins.  While Rayna napped, Matthew got up a group to go see the place “Field of Dreams” was filmed.  I was really glad they took my camera with them to remember their fun day of playing baseball, buying souvenirs and stealing corn out of the field.

When I heard the announcement that Lindsey and Gavin were about to come out of the church, I quickly pulled my camera out, not wanting to miss a shot of the-beautiful-Lindsey.  About the time the crowd started blowing bubbles, I heard a familiar cry.  Turns out, Rayna got “hot“.  I totally missed my shot of Lindsey, but thought since I had my camera out already, I’d go ahead and document Rayna’s little melt-down.
For as long as I’ve known Matthew’s dad, he’s been a rule-breaker.  If he sees a sign with a rule on it, he’s going to break it.  Plain and simple.
Example #1:  Almost getting all of us kicked out of the hotel pool for completely drenching the entire room, ceiling and other (DRY) guests who happened to be sitting in the room.
Example #2:  (Just a few hours later)  See that sign where the turtle is asking people not to touch him or his water?  Well, that just gave Grandaddy the idea to see how many he could pull out for all the grand kids to hold.  Authority-figures may not love him, but the grand kids sure do!  (Have I ever mentioned JUST how much fun he is to be around?!?!)     The wedding reception was one of my FAVORITE parts of the weekend!  It was held at the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium.  Not only was the venue beautiful, since this was a private event at the aquarium, the kids could explore the exhibits and run around freely!  The night was filled with kids laughing, great food and lots of dancing!

Here’s a picture of Rayna (and her cousin) BEFORE she feel asleep in Matthew’s arms on the dance floor. 

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