Walther family

If I had to choose my favorite thing from my session tonight, I wouldn’t be able to choose just one.

There were SEVERAL things that made it great.  Wanna’ hear them?!?!

  • The Walthers choose a location where many of their children’s memories had been made.  It was really exciting to simply follow them around… listening to all of their stories and memories from summer camps.  Not only was the location meaningful to them, it was a perfect combination of contemporary architecture and nature’s pure beauty.
  • No stress over matching and uncomfortable outfits.  They choose clothes that represented their own style... just like what they would wear everyday.  (If you look at any of the pictures in my own home of my own family, you can clearly see that I LOVE this!)
  • Jolanda wanted to capture the kids… in their own element… doing exactly what they do.  So, that’s EXACTLY what I did.  (Half of our session, my camera was turned off as I ran along with the kids through a nature hike!)

If you’re thinking about doing a family session, hopefully, these tips will put you at ease!
There’s no need to over-think clothes or locations.  The BEST thing you can do is dress natural, be natural and enjoy one another!

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