The Trainors

As I sat in my pajamas today editing pictures (yes, wearing pajamas at 2pm is my normal for me), I listened to Craig Groschel’s sermon about the importance of having a mentor in your life.  When I heard ‘mentor,’ my first thought was a wonderful lady named Kathy.  Ironically enough, the online church I was listening to  is also the first place I met Kathy when I first moved to Arizona.  During all of these thoughts, Kathy, herself, is on my computer screen from our session together.  Are you confused yet?!?

What I’m trying to say is Kathy (whom I met a few years ago and photographed a few nights ago) is an extremely special person.  If I could hand-pick a mentor for my life, I would choose Kathy.  She is patient, kind, humble, giving and, more than anything, seems to always put others needs before her own.  Although she puts a great deal of emphasis on academics for her daughters, her focus is teaching them how to love others.  Her husband is equally wonderful.  It’s no wonder  why Hope and Grace are always looking for ways to serve others and be a blessing.

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