The Summeralls Fall Photos

Would you believe I’ve gotten to be part of the Summerall’s life for 10 YEARS?!?!

One of my favorite all-time sessions was when Kohen & Maya were lil’-bitty.  It was in the beginning of my depression when everything started going numb; but during my time with them, I actually felt ALIVE and HAPPY again.

Well, I felt the SAME happiness when I got to see their family again last week in Georgia!  Even though Meghan and I haven’t had the chance to hang-out outside of photos, I always tell my sister, “I want to be ‘real-life’ friends with Meghan.”

Meghan & Jeff- THANK YOU for trusting me year after year!  I appreciate your family so much!

P.S.  Is it just me or does Kohen look a little like my-Ross?!?!?

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