The SNEAKIEST Sneak-Peak

It was SUCH a crazy plan, in the minutes leading up to it, I found myself sitting alone in front of Crystal Bridges Museum of Art with a BIG smile on my face (…silently wondering if this scheme was actually going to work).

Christy told me how she’d really like updated photos of her family, but was afraid everyone else might SAY NO not be as excited as her. And THAT‘s when she came up with an OUTRAGEOUS idea!

Christy and her husband, David, asked her parents to join them for their first visit to Crystal Bridges. She also mentioned that her friend, Christy, would be meeting them there to show them around.

(Are you starting to see where this is going?!?!?)

Everything was lining-up perfectly!

* Their (pre-planned) outfits were colorful, well-blended and not too matchy.
* Purses and distractions were all left in the car.
* Those cute little “Crystal Bridges” shirt-buttons were all discretely hidden in my backpack (to save me LOTS of time in Photoshop later).

Now the ONLY thing standing in the way of photos was ME. You see, when I get NERVOUS, I start talking a LOT. So, being a Crystal Bridges JUNKIE, before even stepping foot in the actual museum, I began educating them on EVERYTHING I had EVER learned about one of my FAVORITE places! (And I’ve taken a LOT of tours, field trips and information-walks over the past 5 years!)

After about 20 minutes of me explaining “We the People,” “Mamam,” and all the fascinating facts about the architecture, I remembered I was there as their PHOTOGRAPHER, not their official TOUR GUIDE!

Now to the TRICKY part…

I casually directed my captive audience outdoors (thank you, “Fly’s Eye” for that perfect detour) when Christy’s mom, Donna, said, “Oh, we should have brought our camera!”

Without seeming over-enthusiastic, I quickly said, “Oh, I actually have my camera with me.”

The next hour was spent ‘touring’, laughing and me LEADING THEM TO BELIEVE I WAS INSANE non-nonchalantly asking them if I could please snap a “quick picture”.

Also being a girl who LOVES natural (MUCH more than posed), I actually enjoyed this challenge!

Thank you, Christy, for trusting ME with your genius plan! Not only did we do a fun ‘tour‘, we got lots of fun pictures to document your special day and wonderful family!

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