“The Road Back To You” (My thoughts on the book)

BOOK: “The Road Back To You: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery”
AUTHOR: Ian Cron & Suzanne Stabile

DISCLAIMER: I am MAJORLY OBSESSED “intrigued” with learning more about personalities, feelings and motivation behind what we do. Before all of my kids knew how to spell their own middle names, I already had an individual binder for each of them. Inside are journal-entries, funny-stories and God-moments worth remembering. On the OUTSIDE… well, over the years, I’ve jotted down areas where I could envision God using their unique strengths (ie: Rayna: nurse, engineer, mom, chef, etc.). I’ve also made notes regarding their “Love Language,” Spiritual Gifts and Myers Briggs Personality-Types. (Told ‘ya!)

Sooo… it’s very possible I might be a tad-bit more passionate about THIS book than most.


Although the Enneagram was originally taken from “a modern synthesis of a number of ancient wisdom traditions,” this (updated and Christian-based) book not only explains the nine different personalities, but how these unique tendencies affect our walk with the Lord, others and ourselves.

Each chapter begins with a story about the Enneagram number it’s about to explain. Within each chapter, there are very helpful subjects, such as:

  • “What’s It Like To Be A…” (20 statements to help a person identify)
  • What it looks like to be a healthy, normal or unhealthy version of this number (In my interruption, it’s also how GOD can use your traits to love others or how selfish desires and lies can draw you away from God and others.)
  • Problems and Strengths of each type
  • This type “As Children,”In Relationships” and “At Work”
  • “Ten Paths to Transformation for…” (each number)


  • You enjoy digging-deep into feelings and thought-patterns.
  • You desire to learn more about yourself (and you’re willing to acknowledge your shortcomings in order to grow).
  • You desire to understand others better- knowing that if you understood their motives, fears or desires, you might gain an understanding of why they do what they do.

Faith-based? Yes
Easy read? Yes
Age group? ANY!


  • I purchased this book for myself, but ended-up learning SO much about other’s in my life. For example, instead of someone as “rigid,” I now understand that person feels safest when set rules and routines are always in place.
  • For myself (Enneagram 4), I was able to understand my motives for somethings I strive to achieve. (Prior to this book, I would not have recognized it in such a way.)
  • God has given us ALL qualities and gifts. We can be intentional and self-aware where these are used for good. But not knowing can often lead to these ‘gifts’ being turned towards selfish gain.


  • “…most people aren’t aware of how things that helped them survive as kids are now holding them back as adults.”
  • “Each personality’s deadly sin is like an addictive, involuntarily repeated behavior that we can only be free of when we recognize how often we give it the keys to drive our personality. As long as we are unaware of our deadly sin and the way it lurks around unchallenged in our lives we will remain in bondage to it.”
  • “Ones show us God’s perfection and His desire to restore the world to its original goodness, while Twos witness to God’s unstoppable, selfless giving. Threes remind us about God’s glory, and Fours about the creativity and pathos of God. Fives show God’s omniscience, Sixes God’s steadfast love and loyalty, and Sevens God’s childlike joy and delight in creation. Eights mirror God’s power and intensity, while Nines reflect God’s love of peace and desire for union with his children.”


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