The McMahons

For a few years, I struggled with insecurities about what I was suppose to do with my life.  Ten years ago, even though I loved photography just as much as I do now, I didn’t have the confidence to believe I could actually follow my dream.  After a few years of searching and a TON of hard work, I’ve witnessed first-hand how incredible it is to be doing what I am SO passionate about!

When I got in my car after photographing Anson, Heather, Annabelle & Madeline, I felt over-whelmed with emotion and thankfulness.  Before I headed out to my son’s baseball game, I took a minute in my car to thank God for allowing me to do EXACTLY what I know I am suppose to be doing.  Not only do I get to play, photograph and love children, I also get the opportunity to meet some pretty amazing families.

Speaking of amazing families… I enjoyed every single second of being with the McMahons!  I already posted a slideshow of their family on Facebook, but wanted to feature a few of my favorite images on my blog.  Enjoy!

I know I tell my clients “Thank You!” all of the time, but I really mean it!  I feel so honored and thankful each time I get an email or phone call from a family who trust me enough to photograph their family!  So, THANK YOU again to Anson & Heather!  I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did!

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