The Logans

As I look back at my life, I am constantly amazed at the unique ways God blesses me with wonderful friendships.  The Logans are a very special family that I’ve gotten to know through church.  (Ironically enough, Matthew went to church with their family too when he was just a little boy!)

Tim and Leslie are both incredible people.  So, when they asked me to photograph their visiting grandchildren, I already knew their grand-kids would be JUST as sweet!
And I was right…

Sweet Evelyn… CMP_1741bCMP_1721b


Elton was so gentle and kind to Evelyn and Eliza… k

I think she loves him a lot… sweet

Aren’t they sweet?!?CMP_1623b

Gotta’ love those LIPS!CMP_1670b

A construction project won’t get in our way!  As a matter of fact, aside from throwing rocks, I think it was Elton’s favorite part of the session!CMP_1951nCMP_1858bCMP_1709b
Thank you, Tim & Leslie!
I enjoyed meeting the littles.

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