The Jacobs

Sometimes, CLIENTS turn into FRIENDS.

Sometimes, a session is more of a blessing to ME than it is to the FAMILY I’m photographing.

And sometimes, after my camera has been put away and I’m saying good-bye to the kids in the van, the mom and dad both decide to embrace me in a huge HUG and proceeds to PRAY over me and for my next chapter of life.  (Okay, that’s actually the first time that last part has ever happened, but, BOY, did I appreciate it more than they will ever know.)

One of my last sessions (for a while) ended with words that I’ll always remember:

The family shared how the photos I’ve taken of their family over the past 5 years have helped get them through hard times.
They told me their photos weren’t just a ‘social-fix’ for everyone to see online (I loved that!), but instead, one of their most ‘valued possessions’.
I was already crying at this point, but, when Marty thanked Jesus for “throwing Christy into our lives” and he asked God to give me beautiful moments in Arkansas that I know are from Him, yeah… I quickly became a sobbing MESS!

So, photographing Marty and Missy was a great way to end what has been an AMAZING, AMAZING season for me.

I am so THANKFUL for THEM and ALL my wonderful clients who have allowed me to do what I LOVE!

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Missy was VERY sweet a few days before our session…
She said the only ‘specific‘ photo she wanted during this session is one of us together.   So, I think it was ANOTHER first, but, I handed my camera over and was actually IN a picture! Jacobs-72 copy

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