The AWESOMENESS of Photoshop

Maybe it’s just me, but I tend to see  E V E R Y T H I N G  in terms of a photograph.
If you’re ever telling me about a trip you took or sweet moment with someone you love, don’t be offended if I quickly interrupt you with, “Oh my gosh.  THAT would have been the most AMAZING picture EVER!”

My OBSESSIONlove for photography’ became VERY evident while I was at Blizzard Beach with my family.

It was Matthew’s turn to ride the big slides with Ross and Rayna.  So for the next 2 hours, Ruthie and I swam, floated and sung with one another.  Then, as I slowly rocked back and forth with her head laying against my chest, I could start to feel all her weight sinking into my lap.  Once I felt her warm drool hit my neck, I knew she was in a deep sleep.

Knowing her naps last over an hour, I laid my beach chair back and got comfortable.  Within a few minutes of feeling her little breaths and occasional drool, I knew, no matter how awesome my day got,  THIS MOMENT would be what I wrote down in my Happiness Journal as the BEST part of my ENTIRE day.


It might have crossed a ‘normal‘ person’s mind…     “I’d like to have a snap-shot of this.”

But, in MY PHOTO-OBSESSED mind, it quickly turned into…
“I wish I could step out of my own body and photograph this moment.  I’d move those 10 other chairs beside me out of the way to avoid any distractions in the photo.  Then, I’d squat down to Ruthie’s level and shoot slightly towards our head, verses straight-on, where our bodies would be blurred and just her eyelashes would be in focus.  I’d convert to black and white with an ever-so-slight chocolate-tone.”


By the time Matthew and the kids returned, my brain was in full OVER-LOAD.  After I told him how much I wish we had a phone or camera, he saw a Blizzard Beach photographer walking around and asked him to take a picture of us.

I was SO excited!  I couldn’t WAIT to get back to the hotel that night to view this photograph that, by THIS point, had quickly become larger than life.



Ready to see the MASTERPIECE?!?!

Are you REALLY ready?!?!?!

Think you can handle the ARTISTIC-AWESOMENESS of it all?!?!?!


You’re LAUGHING, right?

If you ARE, it’s okay.  I get it.  If I hadn’t of had so much emotion poured into this ONE, SINGLE shot, I’d be laughing too!  It’s obviously NOT what I had dreamed-up in my mind that would represent the tenderness of the moment.


…Just so you know, I DID end-up buying the High Resolution File from Blizzard Beach!

Although there was NO way for me to turn this photo into the meaningful image I thought it deserved to be, Photoshop DID actually help to remove a little bit of the awkwardness of it all.

…Wanna see MY spin on THEIR photo?!?!

It STILL won’t be winning any awards, but at least I won’t be embarrassed to put it in Ruthie’s album as “The BEST part of Blizzard Beach!”


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