(Super-Sneaky) Memphis Weekend

As my sister and I hugged and said goodbye in my parent’s driveway at Christmas, it was really sad thinking we wouldn’t be seeing one another again for at least 6 months.  But after several weeks of us all missing one another and wishing the cousins could play together, my sister and I came up with a (SUPER-SNEAKY) PLAN!

My sister, totally lying, asked my mom if she would ride several hours with her to a “work conference.”  As our special weekend FINALLY approached and as my sister, nephew and mom got closer to Memphis, I sat at a table with Ross and Rayna across the street from our halfway point, both still unaware of exactly what we were doing, and told them, “Since we missed school, let’s work on our writing and tell a story about someone you really MISS and what you would do if you could be with that person.”

As I watched Ross write about playing with Parker (his cousin), and Rayna write about sleeping with Gigi (my mom), I couldn’t WAIT to tell them where we were, what we were doing and, most importantly, WHO we’d be seeing in just a few minutes!

Excitement built as Ross, Rayna and I waited for my sister, mom and nephew to walk through the front doors of the hotel lobby and see US!  And, it was PERFECT!  Within a few minutes, we had all exchanged big hugs and the kids were trading LEGOS, racing up the elevator and making plans to go swimming and play on the gym equipment!

And Rayna got Gigi…



And Ross got Parker…DSC_7442b



Are my kids the only ones who LOVE the workout room in hotels?!?!  They aren’t interested in fitness at home; yet, the minute we walk into a hotelexercise



A lot of people told us to visit the Peabody Hotel to watch the ducks march down from their fancy room to the hotel lobby.  Very cute…DSC_7032nDSC_7488n



Another suggestion was Huey’s Restaurant (beside the Peabody Hotel).  And since there wasn’t already enough craziness with the kids shooting their toothpicks into the ceiling using a straw (yes, that’s not only allowed, but encouraged!), Ross and Rayna decided to play their new harmonicas Gigi bought them!



Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think there’s much better than exploring a new place with the people you love…kidsmemphis



My sister joked that Rayna, and her artistic, natural, free-spirited self, “fit right in” playing her musical instrument on the city streets…rayrrDSC_7581b copy


I think they were hoping they’d get some attention, tips or encouragement for passer-byres, but I’m pretty sure they still need a little practice on their new harmonicas…tipsDSC_7551b

There’s STILL 1 more place I have to blog about!  (I took way too many pictures in just 2 days!)
Check back soon for my last post from Memphis!  (If you love animals, you’ll enjoy it… I promise!!!)

Here’s a little video…

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