Summer Memories

Our summer hasn’t been short of memories, but I’ve somehow neglected to post some of the highlights.  Sooo, get ready for a PHOTO-FILLED recap!

On the first day of summer, I was unloading the dishwasher when I noticed a chipmunk running around the backyard.  I called Ross over, but, as soon as he raced out the door to capture the little guy, he was long-gone.  Since it was raining outside, I told Ross to stop looking for him and come inside.  I think my exact quote went something like, “Even if you see him, there’s NOOOO way you could EVER catch a chipmunk.”

If you know anything about Ross (or anyone with Martin DNA),  the words ‘can’t‘ and ‘impossible‘ are simply trigger words that quickly turns into a relentless obsession to prove you wrong.  So when Ross actually spotted the SAME chipmunk in the FRONT yard a little later that morning, me, nor the rain, was going to stop him from flying out the front door…. ready to prove me wrongcapture his new pet‘.

Long story short, Ross won.

I admit… when he ran back inside screaming that he had trapped the chipmunk and needed a big box, I didn’t totally believe him.  But, when he reappeared a few minutes later with a crazy furry creature inside, I was SOME-KIND-OF impressed!

After watching the movie ‘Dolphin Tales’ with the kids, I thought it would be a GREAT idea to actually take them to meet ‘Winter’ the dolphin.  Well, change ‘great idea‘ into ‘somewhat decent idea.’  It was one of those places that was a little different than how you build it up in your mind.  So, after barely spotting Winter from pretty far away, I took a few pictures and the kids and they were ready to go.

A carousel ride, however… Now, THAT’S big-fun for Ross and Rayna…
And a trip to the FIRST Chick-fil-a in Atlanta… It doesn’t get any better!
Although we spent some time at home, like most summers, we were also on the road a lot.  Matthew had some free nights at one of my FAVORITE hotels… the Hilton in Orlando.  This hotel has become a tradition for us each summer… just based on their incredible pools, waterside and lazy-river.  You’ve gotta’ check out their link and pool!  It’s almost a vacation in itself! 
My family LOVES water parks!  This sounds crazy, but we were really considering going to Texas this summer JUST to visit Schlitterbahn.  (We watched a special on this water park years ago and have been waiting for the kids to be tall enough to ride the slides!)  Instead, we decided  to try Blizzard Beach

This was, hands-down, one of the most WONDERFUL days we’ve EVER had as a family!  We went in May, so the weather was PERFECT and their were no lines.  (Great combination, right?!?!)  The park is owned by Disney, so, it’s incredibly clean, kid-friendly and the staff is awesome.  I can’t recommend this place enough!      

To me, the BEST part of summer was watching Ross and Rayna enjoy one another.  Neither one of them are perfect kids, but, it AMAZES me how much they love one another and how well they get along.  Whether at home, a train (which I’ll post soon), a car or hotel, Ross and Rayna spent most of their free time playing and pretending with one another.  It makes my heart so happy to see how much they love one another.

I’ve got a few more post before I’m caught-up!  Pretty soon, this blog is going to be ALL about a sweet baby girl!


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