Strawberry Tradition: 5 years and counting!

My mom is really good at a whole bunch of things.

Some of her many talents include:

  • Cooking HUGE meals for 10, 20, and sometimes 30 people.  All homemade.  Fit for a king.  Put anyone on TV to shame.  (To her… no biggie.)
  • Doing crafts and cooking project with the grand-kids and not even flinching over hundreds of paper scraps on the floor, milked knocked-over and hot glue getting squirted on her fingers.
  • Catching, baiting, cooking, capturing or doing mini-surgeries on ANY animal.  (Seriously.  You name the animal.  Chances are, she’s either caught, fixed or fried one!)
  • Breaking rules.  (If we’re ever at a place with a lion or monkey exhibit around, you’ll find a dog whistle hidden somewhere in her shirt.  Guaranteed.  If we’re ever on a really, really DANGEROUSLY small boat in the middle of the Okefenokee Swamp, you’ll find her shooting the meanest-looking alligator with a FROZEN paintball gun.  Also guaranteed.)


But one of the BEST things about her is the way she creates TRADITIONS for our FAMILY.

After we moved back to Georgia in 2009, she planned a trip to Washington Farms to let the kids pick strawberries.
The next year, we went back again.
In April of 2011, I got an email saying it was that time again.
Then, a text came in 2012…

So, here we are again… Picking strawberries right down the road from us. 
A 5-year tradition in our family that has become of of my favorite nights out of the year!

We have a NEW member of the strawberry-picking club…



“Hey Ross?  Seriously… I want a good picture of you and Chris together.  Please just smile without being so silly.”
(Note-to-Self:  Impossible request for a 7-year old boy.)



I *TRIED* to get a group picture.
Didn’t work.
(If you’re considering hiring me as your Children’s Photographer, please don’t judge my abilities on this picture!  I have MUCH better tricks I can use for YOUR children when I don’t have my super-clingy baby attached to my hip as I try to shoot!)
Until next year…

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