Stone Mountain

We took the kids to Stone Mountain to enjoy the snow.  I wondered how it would be since the snow isn’t real, but it was actually great to snow-tube and build snowmen in 50 degree weather!  But most importantly, the kids LOVED it!

first picture: I handled the snow-woman body.  Rayna handled ALL of the accessories!
second picture: The Stone Mountain employees had a hard time finding a place to attach Rayna’s ticket.  They suggested her jeans.  Doesn’t everyone know jeggings don’t have zippers?!?

I bet I tell her a hundred times a day, but these pictures just remind me of how sweet and perfect Rayna is to me!

Ross and I raced and he won… barely.  After three hours of non-stop playing (and me carrying Rayna all around the park because she “don’t-can’t” walk when I’m around), we headed to Varsity for lunch.  Matthew is a sweetheart for going there since he doesn’t understand my LIFE-LONG LOVE for this place.  Regardless of what they all say about the food, you can clearly witness what happened when I set my apple pie a la mode down in front of my gang…

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