3 Families, 2 Sessions = Lots of pictures to post!

It may seem like I’m moving a little slow with my Sneak Peeks.  But, my clients will be happy to know, as I’m posting your Sneak Peeks, all of your other images are loading on my website!  (And for this family, that means a LOT of pictures!)   
I photographed Steven, Cory, Josi, Noah, Isabella & Gabriella first.  Then, Steven’s parents (who had just celebrated their 38th anniversary the day before) and his sister’s family joined us afterwards for a combined family session. 
There were 6 adults and 6 children.  And, this group was so great, we actually finished a few minutes early.  Lots of pictures… lots of laughs… It’s great working with a family who just enjoyed themselves!

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