Something to Celebrate

If you were to ask my kids what our family ‘celebrates‘, you’d probably be surprised at their answers.
Although our family values good grades, school plays, new karate belts and finishing piano books, it’s far from where our praise is found.

For our family, there’s NOTHING worth celebrating MORE than seeing God’s plan being carried out in someone’s life!
That’s why Matthew, the kids and I were super excited to drive to Mississippi to celebrate my niece’s recent engagement!

I am SO incredibly proud of  Madison and the example she sets for everyone around her!  (More of her story and photos are HERE.)


Being that it’s FALL, I didn’t pack the kid’s bathing suits; however, when we all saw my brother-in-law’s gorgeous pool with WARM water, we couldn’t resist!  Ross, Rayna and I swam in our clothes.  Ruthie… well, you all can guess what Ruthie decided to swim in!  cmp_9199ncmp_9232j-copydetails

ALL the grand-kids together from 3 states!  (Clothing optional, as always!) cmp_9322jkrm
Counting down to the wedding!!!

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